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Wooden windows

Classic profile

The Classic Profile has been designed for those who seek good parameters at a reasonable price.

The Classic Profile (68 mm) employs double glazing with the coefficient of U=1.1W/m2K. The wide variety of fittings, an unlimited assortment of colours and the high quality wood make the Classic series an excellent combination of affordable prices, quality and good parameters.

Profile thickness 68mm
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Wood, as the oldest construction material, is valued for its various qualities. Among many, these include beauty, durability, practical considerations and functionality.

Suitable woodworking

Our windows are made of a three-layered glued wood of an appropriate kind for this type of product.

In harmony with nature

We use the following types of wood: pine, spruce, oak, larch and meranti.


Our windows are made of a three-layered glued wood of an appropriate kind for this type of product.

The best quality

We use the services of reliable suppliers and ordered the wood always passes appropriate quality control.

Our wooden window system includes four variants of glazing with uniform wooden profiles. We offer accessories for all windows: sections, frames, a rich palette of ornaments and stained glass. We also offer varnished glass.

Standard glass

A thin layer, invisible to the eye, transmits light and solar energy to the interior, while preventing heat transfer from the room to the outside.

Anti-burglary windows

Protection against burglary and reduction of risk of injury. We offer seven basic classes of resistance of our glass: from designed for use in apartments, through offices, hotels to banks, operating rooms and exclusive villas.

Sound-absorbing glass

Special laminated glass panes with foil are characterized by excellent transparency while having anti-burglary properties.

Windows with solar protection

They protect against excessive heating of rooms in summer and retain heat in winter. They stop excess light and solar radiation. Our windows are available in a wide range of colors and shades.

The highest quality of all hardware components. In our windows we use only the highest class solutions in the field of safety and durability.
The solutions we use allow for making various forms of windows: with a movable mullion, arched, trapezoidal and tilt windows.

Advantages of fittings used in our windows are:

Thanks to the appropriate construction, it is possible to attach shutters to aluminum mounting frames, and special consoles and hooks facilitate attachment to the window frame.

The system is available in three thicknesses:

Uw – Heat transfer coefficient

Be sure to check out our other profiles as well:

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