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Family tradition as well as the technical and production personnel consisting of professionals – this is our key to success.

Our company dates back to 1936.

Today, the fourth generation continues the family tradition and manufactures products of the highest quality.

We are prepared and ready to fulfil even the most original wishes and realize any vision of our customers.

We will be happy to employ our knowledge to your benefit, all the way from professional advice and measurements to the installation and warranty service.

We value individual solutions and non-standard projects.
Our technology and experience make us believe anything is possible.
Our company employs high-class specialists and experienced professionals.

We cooperate with numerous renowned suppliers, both in Poland and abroad, that provide us with the quality materials for the production of windows and doors.

A modern plant strikes the eye at the entrance to Prószkow. Through walls of glass you can see a display of doors and windows that the Zdzuj family company “Vitra” produces. A portrait of the senior member of the family hangs in the company, which is run by his eldest son Paul with his grandson Arnold.

My father taught me respect for work. To this day, when I see a screw on the ground, I pick it up so that it doesn’t go to waste, says Pawel Zdzuj (write out, paint the face and look like the portrait). In 1978 he opened his first workshop in the basement. He made the slicer himself, because buying such a machine in those days was impossible. Two years later, he and his wife Elisabeth erected a plant in Boguszyce. 160 square meters. Built in 2004, the new headquarters in Prószków is 2,400 square meters. The company employs 40 workers.

In the Zdzuj family home, the windows were changed at least four times in 25 years, as the carpenter tested new solutions at home. First he heard that panoramic windows were fashionable in the West. In the mid-1980s there were no spring gaskets in our country, no silicone, recalls Pawel Zdzuj. He peeped at the solutions of German window component manufacturers at a trade fair in Poznan and thought of how to do it himself. I came up with hinges to make the windows rotate tells Pawel Zdzuj. He found good seals in Germany, where he worked. From “saks” he brought money for a slicer and a whole car of gaskets. Today the search for new ways of production is called innovation.

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