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Safety, durability and style

Our blinds are easy-to-install, durable and secure. They can also be custom-made to various dimensions of window alcoves.

We offer roller blinds made of durable PCV that is resistant to external factors and thermally insulated. They are practical, functional and easy to maintain.

Window blinds

The window blinds can be installed on wooden, PVC and aluminum windows. The installation is quick and simple. The system is integrated and installed along with the windows. Thus, developers can mount both elements on a single day.

Features of our window blinds:

Thanks to the installation in the external layer of thermal insulation, the Integro external blinds have excellent thermal parameters. Its enclosure does not occupy any space inside the building. The blind is serviced and regulated from the outside.

Features of the Integro blinds:

The Integro external blinds


The roller blinds are equipped with the electrical drive and the SOMFY remote control system. They can automatically roll up and down, e.g. to simulate your presence at home.

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